Upon looking back at my Massivv 02 mix, I thought my next mix would have to be more uplifting and have more soul in it. So this one has more emphasis on vocals, breakbeats and all around good vibes. Mixed using the same cut & paste method as the previous mixes, some time in 2004.

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Pieter K - Under the Radar
Sigur Rós - Leit að lífi (Sigur Rós Recycled)
Danny Breaks - Hypnotique
AK1200 - Carousel
Breakbeat Era - Anti-Everything
Calyx - Fortune Cookie
SKC - Limelight
E-Z Rollers feat. Sharon Brown - Roadrunner (E-Z Rollers Remix)
London Elektricity - Harlesden (Cyantific Remix)
DKay & Rawfull - Bowser
High Contrast - Mermaid Scar
Jo - R-Type (Shogun Audio Remix)
Future Cut - Whiplash (Lemon D Remix)
Twisted Individual - Gimp Mask
Grooverider & Optical - 560°
Technical Itch - Brace
Lemon D - Just Roll
Ice Minus - Babylon
Gammaray - Plasma
Paradox - Play Twice Before Listening
DJ SS - Rollidge (LP Mix)